Today I started a new blogging network

Martin Fenner
October 15, 2010 1 min read

In the last few weeks I haven’t seen any announcement for a new science blogging network (the last one was probably Scientific American ( in September). So I thought today would be a good day to start a new one. Earlier today I wrote the first post ( on the first blog hosted by my institution ( The blog runs on a WordPress 3.0 installation that I hope will see more blogs in the future – our library will probably be next (they are currently hosted on (

Flickr image by hanspoldoja.

The new blog is the official blog of our Comprehensive Cancer Center (my day job). I will write about various aspects of the work there – something I wanted to do for a while. This is also the first time that I write in German, which will be much easier, but at the same time will reach a smaller audience. Writing for my institution will also be an interesting experience. Although I don’t think that this will start something big at our institution, institutions are in fact a good place for blogging networks. Special thanks go to Stefan Zorn in our PR department for encouraging words, and to Henry Scowcroft ( from Cancer Research UK for many good tips about blogging for an institution.

The new blog of course doesn’t mean that I stop writing here. I’m too deep into this.

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