Now in your DeepDyve store: Nature papers to rent

Martin Fenner
January 6, 2011 1 min read

Articles published in Nature, Nature Biotechnology, Nature Cell Biology, Nature Medicine or Nature Chemical Biology are now available for renting from DeepDyve ( Downloading or printing is not possible, and the $3.99 rental is for 24 hours.

Later this month, Nature plans to release the reader for the iPad. Monthy access to Nature (again read-only) will cost $9.99. For more information see yesterday’s press release (

In the discussion of subscriptions vs. author-pays for scholarly papers we sometimes forget that it’s really a question of how much we are willing to pay. I’m looking forward to the app for the iPad, and $9.99 per month seems reasonable. I would not rent a single article for $3.99 – this should either be $0.99 or give me the PDF that I can download and print, something that subscription journals typically charge $10-$30.

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