How to COPE with uniform requirements

Martin Fenner
March 11, 2008 1 min read

You have finished all the experiments and are in the middle of writing that wonderful manuscript that will change not only the field you are working in but also your personal career. But then you encounter all these complicated issues related to paper writing, including duplicate publications (, joint first authors (, multi-authored papers ( and paper rejections (

You understand that these are sensitive ethical issues and you want to do the right thing. When is joint first authorship a problem, can I publish a paper a second time if it is written in another language, should my department head be a coauthor, etc. You will of course discuss these questions with your coauthors, but where else can you look for advice?

If there are still open questions after reading these guidelines, join the regular discussion in the Nature Network blogs and forums on these topics, most recently Nobel prize-winning lab retracts paper from Nature ( in th

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