Bye-Bye Nature Network

Martin Fenner
September 1, 2010 1 min read

This is my last post for this Nature Network blog. Later today, I will start a new blog somewhere else – also called Gobbledygook and covering the same topics.

Writing this blog here on Nature Network since August 2007 has been an incredible experience, something that can't be covered in a single blog post. I simply want to say thank you to all the people I interacted with over the years – both online and in person. And a particular thanks for Matt, Corie, Anna and Lou from Nature Network who made all this possible.

Flickr photo by skazar.

There are several of my posts I particularly like – and some I like a little less. Something I really enjoyed doing – and something that I think works very well in the blog format – is interviews. I did around 20 interviews in the last two years (the last two on the Lindau Laureate Meeting ( blog), and I've listed them all below.

Please stay in touch. And if possible, come around to the Science Online London Conference ( this weekend.

Update: Gobbledygook has moved to PLoS Blogs (

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